Wedding Planning School

Having discounted my plan to top the proprietress of The Cotswold Ice Cream Company and assume her identity as a far too risky and frankly not very nice way to attain the rural entrepreneurial dream, I have signed up for wedding planning school in Bath this weekend.

Yes, I am still employed in my proper London job, but husband and I have been harboring the secret, embarrassing dream of starting The Cotswold Wedding Company. Being an obsessive compulsive project manager at my core, I will gantt chart brides’ rural wedding dreams into reality while husband films it all for the happy couples to enjoy for years to come.

I’ve just received an email informing me that my tutor for the weekend will be international wedding & motorsport event planner Amber Hunter. I am a little afraid of women named Amber (and motorsports for that matter). Whatever happens to my entrepreneurial dreams, I suspect Amber and her motorsport anecdotes will be good for a few blog posts.

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