Wife in the Cotswolds

It doesn’t have the same ring as “Wife in the North.” The Cotswolds is way too cushy, hardly Northumberland, the north of “Wife in the…” But what finally motivated me to start this blog was an article I read about this Wife in the North in the Sunday paper that was still in the Chedworth pub we frequent for Monday night dinners. Lucky for me husband was in a sulky mood last Monday night leaving me nothing better to do than pick up a day-old paper.

Anyway, this Wife in the North was basically dragged out of London pregnant and with two other children in tow so that her husband could pursue his dream of living in his spiritual home of Northumberland, giving her loads to blog about. My story about life in the Cotswolds is a little different but I’ve been writing it down with various levels of consistency for the past 6 months in a lonely little Word document on this laptop. Time to blog it and hope the vary nature of a blog will help me become a more disciplined chronicler.

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